Travel Genius

Travel Genius 1.0

Test your knowledge of geography


  • Well-presented quizzes
  • Displays your 'travel IQ' in graph format
  • Lots of tests to negotiate


  • Questions repeated a little too often
  • Demo version is very limited


Travel Genius tests your knowledge of Planet Earth with a series of quizzes about countries, cities, oceans and flags.

The game poses you a question about a place and you have to locate it by clicking on the relevant grid on the map. In most cases you don't need to be too specific in Travel Genius because the grid squares are quite big, but it can still be quite tough especially on the hardest of the two difficulty levels.

After each level you complete in Travel Genius you will open up new quizzes, all of which are displayed on a bookshelf in the main menu. Your performance is measure in an 'IQ' section, where a graph displays your progress over time. Here you can see how your scores match up to the recommended averages for beginner, expert and professional levels. Travel Genius even includes an online high scores table so you can challenge the rest of the World.

If we were to pick one hole in Travel Genius it would be that same questions come up quite often when you go back and play levels again, which gets quite annoying.

But if you want to discover how much you really know about our planet then Travel Genius offers a fun way to do so.

Travel Genius


Travel Genius 1.0

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    good program.
    really good program, i liked it a lot and I was surprised by what it can do.
    Pros: good usabi...   More